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Riding Nature
The Lillastro Riding Club is an amateur sports association dedicated to horseback riding, for beginners and competitive riders affiliated with FISE, in a picturesque setting and equipped with all the necessary professional facilities.

The center is open to everyone, from children who want to approach equestrian sports to adults who want to try their hand at this healthy outdoor activity.
The CIL also offers a wide range of services, such as the Club House available to members for a coffee break on the sidelines, boarding for horses and ponies in the stable and paddock, and two fields for courses of various levels.

To fully and properly enjoy one’s experience with a horse, it is necessary to develop a relationship as complete and conscious as possible with this beautiful animal.
At the Lillastro Equestrian Club every aspect, from the simple initial approach to the mastery of exercises, is part of a path to be accomplished gradually in its entirety.

That is why, from their very first experience, young pupils are introduced to activities such as animal grooming, hoof cleaning, saddling, harness care, hand riding, and saddle exercises. In doing so, the pupil develops a direct and complete relationship with the horse, which will accompany him on his journey of growth.

The CIL Riding School is conducted by FISE 2nd and 1st level OTEB instructors and pony entertainer and includes pony courses for children from 5 years old, courses for beginners and horse enthusiasts, athletic preparation of the horse-rider pair for competitive show jumping activities at regional, national and international levels.
The school has 4 horses and 6 ponies working in pairs with students. Lessons are held daily, both in the morning and afternoon, following a progressive program that includes flat work and show-jumping in the riding arena.

Beginners start gradually, alone or in small groups, with quiet, reliable horses. Intermediate levels reinforce the basics of horse riding, with emphasis on trim, flat work and show jumping. Working groups are as homogeneous as possible according to levels and acquired skills.

For more experienced riders, individual lessons can be opted for to reach a more advanced level.
Come and discover the Lillastro!
Immersed in the heart of Maremma nature, 5 km from the town of Grosseto and 15 minutes from beautiful seaside resorts. Contact us by email or phone and book your visit to Lillastro!

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