Educational farm

Getting to know nature

Surrounded by greenery and with a large court of animals, The Il Lillastro educational farm figures within the new Network of Educational Farms of the Tuscany Region.
Established in 2004 with the “Scuola in Fattoria”, the project is supported by the Region of Tuscany and the Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori; over the years there have been many itineraries created for families but also for schools of all levels.

Farm tour
A guided tour to see the animals: depending on the age of the children and their abilities, you can feed, collect eggs, care for the animals.
You can reserve a snack or dinner to follow and, when possible, also request one of the workshops designed for the whole family where you can discover all the know-how of farm life on the farm!
Reservations are required to participate.


  • May 1 to 31 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. farm tour with snack (upon request at extra cost) to follow!
  • From June 1 to September 30, the farm tour is from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.


15 € per child, minimum 4/5 children and by reservation only. Parents can also participate.

For reservations

call Elena at +39 339 8033667 or send an email.
Summer Center


Bread trail

Period: all year round Minimum 8 people
Cost: €15
Duration: about 3 hours

Starting with wheat, everyone will make their own bread to take home.

Cheese trail

Period: all year round
Minimum 8 people
Cost: €15
Duration: about 3 hours
According to the directions,everyone will make their own wheel of cheese to take home.

Olive harvest

Period: October, November
Minimum 8 people
Cost: €15
Duration: one morning

Each person will participate in the olive harvest according to their ability. At the end they will be given a small bottle of oil from our production.

Garden trail and knowledge of wild edible herbs
Period: March, April, May
Minimum 8 people
Cost: €15
Duration: about 3 hours

Each person will be able to learn how to plant fruit and vegetables in the garden and recognize edible native plants that can be picked during the trail.

Jam workshop
Period: all year round
Minimum 6 people
Cost: €15
Duration: about 2 hours

At Il Lillastro the preparation of homemade jam or fruit juices is part of the tradition. The abundance of fruit is turned into delicious jams or juices. At the end each participant will have their own jar of seasonal fruit jam.

Tomato sauce workshop
Period: late August, early September
Minimum 6 people
Cost: €15
Duration: about 2 hours

Tomato sauce or peeled tomatoes are an important resource throughout the year.
However, it is prepared only at a specific time when the tomatoes reach full ripeness.

Summer Center
Since 2009 during the summer, the Educational Farm has been organizing summer centers. They are dedicated to children who love animals and country life, horseback riding and good food. We also offer walks or bike rides in the woods, evenings in tents, workshops with outside operators to learn more about the animal world. Mobile pool and water games to cope with the hottest days. Special attention is paid to lunch, which, thanks to the always open kitchen of the farmhouse, can also offer children a tasty and genuine meal at the same time.


June (from the end of school), July

Weekly enrollment

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.


Minimum 5 years old
Find out a few more details and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate!
Is there a time for children to enter and exit?

L’orario in cui è disponibile il servizio è: 8.00-15.00. All’ interno di questo arco di tempo i genitori possono portare e riprendere i bambini a piacimento. Le attività e i laboratori iniziano intorno alle 9.30 e la pausa pranzo inizia intorno alle 12.30 e finisce alle 13.30. Qualora un genitore abbia esigenze che vanno al di fuori della fascia 8/15 può comunicarlo anticipatamente per andare incontro all’esigenza specifica.

Is there a pool available?

Al Lillastro c’è una piscina mobile che i bambini possono usare per rinfrescarsi nelle ore più calde.

What age group can participate?

Dai 6 anni in su.

What should children bring in their backpacks and what is it best for them to wear?

Borraccia per l’acqua, cappello per il sole, crema solare, ciabatte, costume, telo da mare. Per l’abbigliamento sono consigliate scarpe chiuse (ginnastica/trekking) per svolgere le attività a contatto con gli animali o dove si deve camminare di più; le ciabattine saranno utili per stare in relax nel parco giochi o dopo il bagno in piscina.

When should payment be made?

Ad inizio settimana il lunedì mattina, ovvero il primo giorno d’ingresso in fattoria. 

School projects
If you work in the school and are interested in educational activities, you can fill out the form below and/or email us!
What activities are planned for schools?

Tutti i laboratori proposti dal Lillastro posso essere adatti alle scuole. Consulta tutte le attività alla voce ‘Laboratori’

How many workshops can be done in one day?

Nell’arco della stessa giornata è possibile svolgere un solo laboratorio.

What are the times and ways to organize the educational outing?

Le attività scolastiche possono essere svolte in mezza giornata con orario 8.30/12.30 o durante l’intera giornata con pranzo al sacco e in orario 8.30/15.00

Is there a maximum number of children to carry out the activities?

Sì, per poter svolgere le attività con i tempi giusti e in serenità l’ideale è ospitare una classe per volta. Qualora per altre esigenze si debba organizzare l’uscita con più classi alla volta, il tetto massimo è 40 bambini.

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